About Us

Welcome to Pet Star Online. We love dogs and we believe in treating them with love, care and respect, after all dogs are apart of our families. Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love, faith and trust. Dogs are the most amazing creatures and they all have their own unique personalities but they still give us their unconditional love. For Us, they are the role models for being alive.

Pet Star Online is an Australian owned small business headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria. Pet Star Online is an eCommerce business only, this means that we don't have a brick and mortar store that you can visit. The reason for this is to allow us to focus on giving our customers the best service possible!

Here at Pet Star Online We want to build stronger bonds between dogs and families, we truly hope you enjoy the wonderful selection of great high quality products that we have personally hand picked out to offer you and your pet. We also wish that you have an excellent shopping experience with us at Pet Star Online. 


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ABN: 18 304 429 387