Dog Car Seat Covers: The Best Way To Keep Your Car Clean!

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As Australians we love our road trips and as dog owners we all love taking our dogs with us on our adventures. Whether you’re going for a drive to the local park, beach or to visit the vet you’re going to have your pet sitting in the back seat. However some dogs get nervous on car trips, some get restless and another important thing to remember, like us, our pets can get motion sickness too which could lead to accidents or vomiting.
dog in the car
But say you made it to your destination without any accidents; you and your dog have had a fun day out. Its time to go home! Most dogs can make a mess from drooling and dragging dirt into the car with their feet. We have a solution to help you still enjoy road trips and to keep your car seats spotless and free from scratches, while ensuring a comfortable trip for you and your furry friend.

At our Pet Star Online store we offer a selection of great dog car seat covers to provide a comfortable and clean cruise.
Seat covers are a great way to reduce pet hair and mess and they’re easy to install and remove after every trip.
dog at the beach
dog car seat covers
This dog car seat cover is durable and will protect your car seats from scratches. It’s easy to install with its adjustable straps. Want to sit safely in the back seat with your dog? You can as this car seat cover has seat belt buckle access. After a day of use just throw it in the washing machine for a clean. You will never have to worry about sand, dirt or mud getting in between your seats while this seat cover is on. Read More Here
pet hammock car
Great for pets of all ages this Waterproof Car Seat Hammock will create a cradle for your dog while sitting in the back seat. Perfect for the restless type of dogs who can’t sit still during the trip as it can prevent your pet from jumping through to the front seats of the car and interfering with the driver’s ability to drive or obscure their view. Machine washable and is made of durable fabric. Installation is easy with the adjustable straps. Don’t spend you’re time getting your car cleaned or repaired from less adorable things your dog has left behind, like drool, pee, scratch marks, vomit or poop.
Have a 4WD or wagon? Our dog bed for the rear boot is the perfect way to travel in style and give your dog a place to rest while out on long trips. Very tough and water resistant to protect your boot from trips to the beach, muddy walks or any accidents your dog may have. Easy to wash as the mat and outer covers are fully washable. Perfect for holiday trips, long drives and camping. Read More Here
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Looking for more? Check out our collection of pet car seat covers to keep your car clean at our store now!

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  • Got my car seat cover, came very quickly and works great

    michelle on
  • i thought this post was quite interesting read. haha my dogs always find a way to make a mess in the car!
    so went and got a car bed for my wagon

    James on

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